Spy Call

Spy Call

Calling is one of the most important features of a cell phone. Phones were developed for the sole purpose of calling. To date, people mostly use a phone to make calls.

Although calling is a very useful function, many people use it to trouble and harass others. There are people who like to trouble others by prank calling them.

This thing is very common in teenagers. They can share their number with anyone. It is not necessary that the other person has good intentions. The person can be a fraud or a criminal.

To know who your kids are talking to, you need to check their call logs. To stay safe, instead of checking their phone, you can use a spy app to check their call logs.

Spy App provides Free Spy Call feature. This feature helps you to check the call logs on the phone remotely.

Spy on Call Logs

Spy on Call Logs
Spy on Call Logs

A spy call is one of the most basic features of a spying app. By using this feature, you will be able to easily spy on call logs. You can obtain various types of information.

You can check the type of call. It will help you to know if it is a missed call, incoming call, or outgoing call. You can also check the number of the person along with their name and contact picture.

You will be able to check the call duration along with the date and time of the call. Moreover, you will get all this information by using this simple spying feature.


How to Spy on Call Logs?

How to Spy on Call Logs
How to Spy on Call Logs

To spy on call logs, you need to download and install the Spy App and use the Spy Call feature. You can follow these steps to spy.

Step 1: Download and Install (Android)

If you want to spy on an android phone’s call logs, follow this step. In this step, you have to download and install the spy app on the phone. First, you need to get the phone. After that, you need to prepare the phone by enabling sources and disabling play protect. Now, you need to go to the website and download the app on the phone. After that, install it on the phone. The last step is to open the spy and register your account. Use the account credentials to do it. In the end, you need to close the app and erase all the evidence from the phone.


Step 2: Log in

To start spying on the phone, you need to login into the spy app. The link is given on the website. You can log in from any of your personal devices. Use your credentials to log in.

Step 3: Spy Call

This is the last step. After you download, install, and login, go to the control panel. From all the options, choose Spy Call. Once you choose it, you will be able to check all the call logs.


These are the simple steps you have to follow to spy on call logs. You will get information about the type of call, call details, call duration, etc.