Free KeyLogger

Smartphones are proving to be really unsafe for kids. Technology is a boon as well as a curse. While some people use it for the betterment of society, other people use it for their own selfish motives.

It is very risky to handover a cellphone to a kid. When they have a smartphone as well as the internet, it will only result in two things.

They can either use it carefully or be safe about it, or they can let other kids influence them and fall into trouble.

Most of the kids nowadays don’t think clearly. They can easily fall into the trap of cybercriminals on the internet. They can share their personal details with strangers and become their target.

In the worst cases, they will never come to their parents even when they are in trouble. So it is your responsibility to protect your kids. They will throw a fit if they find out but don’t forget that you are doing it for them.

To keep a watch on them and their internet activities, you can use a Keylogger app. This app helps you to track all their keystrokes and know what they are doing on the internet.

Free Keylogger

Free Keylogger
Free Keylogger

It is one of the most important features of Spy App. This feature is so important that it is also available in the form of an individual app.

By using this feature, you will be able to track all the keystrokes on the phone. You can use it to read messages, check browsing history as well as to find out passwords.

People mostly use this feature to find out passwords of social media apps and phone lock. You can use the passwords to hack social media apps from the web.

The best part of using this feature is that it is absolutely free. You can use the Keylogger to check the passwords for free. There is no payment required.


How to Use Free KeyLogger?

To use a free keylogger, you need to use the Spy App. You need to download and install this app on an android phone. If you want to use this feature on an iPhone, you can use the iTunes details.

KeyLogger for Android

KeyLogger for Android
KeyLogger for Android

If you want to check all the keystrokes from an android phone, you have to download and install the app. It is compulsory. There is no other option for an android phone.

Step 1: Download

After you have the phone with you, download the app. But before that, you need to use the phone and make some changes. You have to enable sources and disable play protect. It will help you to stay undetected. After that, go to the website to download the app on the phone.


Step 2: Install

After you download the file on the phone, please open it and install the file. After that, you have to open the app on the phone. Use your credentials to log in to the app and close it. To remain on the safer side, erase all the evidence from the phone before you keep it away.

Step 3: Log in

After you are done with the download and installation, you can log in to use the spy app. The login link is given on the website.

Step 4: Free KeyLogger

Once you login into the account, select the Free Keylogger option from the panel. It will help you to record all the Keystrokes.

KeyLogger for iPhone

KeyLogger for iPhone
KeyLogger for iPhone

If you want to track all the keystrokes on an iPhone, you have two options. You can either download the spy app or use the other method. In the other method, you just have to use the iTunes details to spy on the phone. This method is easy and safe.

Step 1: Register

You have to register for a spy account to use it. The registration link is given on the website. Go to the website and use the link to create your account. Make sure you enter all the correct details.

Step 2: iTunes Credentials

After you create your account, you need to use the cloud panel option from the website. You don’t have to download or install the app on the phone. You can directly use the iTunes credentials to establish a connection.

Step 3: Log in

After the phone connects with the app remotely, you can directly login using your own device. Go to the website and log in using your credentials.

Step 4: Free Keylogger

Once you login into the account, you have to use the free keylogger option to record all the keystrokes and get the passwords.



This is how you can easily use the free keylogger feature of the Spy App to track all the keystrokes and find out all the passwords for free.