How to Hack Someone's Facebook without Them Knowing

How to Hack Someone’s Facebook without Them Knowing

Facebook has dual sides. It can be good as well as bad. You can use it for entertainment, communication, and socializing. But lately, Facebook has proved to be very dangerous for kids. If your kids are using Facebook, it is a matter of concern.

They don’t know how to use it in the right way. There are many kids who keep their accounts public so that everyone can see their posts and pictures. It is not safe. These kids become the primary target of sex offenders. There are other kids who use Facebook so that they can bully others. Bullying is a very serious offense. Because of all these reasons, parents need to hack their children’s Facebook. It will help them to know what they are doing.

If they are doing anything wrong, you can guide them. If they are in any trouble, you can help them. You can use a hacking app or a spying app to hack Facebook.

Facebook Hack

Facebook Hack
Facebook Hack

You can use different types of hacking apps and tools to hack Facebook. There are many apps and tools available in the market. You need to know if the hacking app is good before using it. By using a hacking app, you will be able to hack each and every Facebook activity on the phone.

You can check all the chats. You can check all the activities to know what your kids are doing. These apps are very discreet, so the kids will not come to know about it.

There are many hacking apps that support Facebook hacking. You can use these apps to obtain all the information discreetly.


Benefits of Facebook Hacking

  • Read Chats: By hacking Facebook, you will be able to read all the chats. It will help you to read the private messages as well.
  • Media: You can also check all the media on Facebook. As we know, people normally use Facebook to upload media and share their pictures and videos. You can view all the media.
  • Activity: You can check the account activities. You will be able to check all the latest activities. You can also check the friend’s activities by hacking.
  • Friend’s List: You can check the friend’s list on Facebook. You can check the personal information of each and every person.
  • Time: All the information you will get on Facebook will be with the proper date and time. You will have a record of everything.
  • Secret Hacking: You can hack Facebook in a way that no one will find out about it. You will be able to hack it in a discreet way.

Steps to Hack Facebook without Them Knowing

To hack Facebook, you need to use a hacking app or a spying app such as Spy App. The app should be legal to use. Then, there are two ways to hack Facebook. One option is by using Facebook Spy, and the other is by using a Keylogger. You can go with an option that suits you.

Hack Facebook on Android

Hack Facebook on Android
Hack Facebook on Android

If you want to hack Facebook on an android phone, it will be a manual process. Follow the steps to do it.

  • Download: You have to choose a decent hacking app or spying app. After that, you have to download it on the phone. The download option is given on the website. Use it to download the app on the phone at https://app.spyapp.net.
  • Install: Then, you have to install it. For installation, open the app and directly install it.
  • Register: After that, you have to follow the registration process. You have to register in the app to open a user account. Open the app and use the register option to do it. Fill in all your details and complete registration.
  • Login: To use the hacking app, you have to log in. The login option is given on the site. Use this option and your credentials login.
  • Facebook Spy: Use the Facebook spy option so that you can hack it.
  • Keylogger: You can also use the Keylogger option to get the password from the phone. You can use it to hack Facebook.

Hack Facebook on iPhone

Hack Facebook on iPhone
Hack Facebook on iPhone

To hack an iPhone, you only have to enter the cloud details.

  • Register: You have to register first, to hack the iPhone. This option is given on the website. Use this option to open your user account. It will give you access to all the details on the phone.
  • Setup: To set up the app on the iPhone, you have to use the cloud details. Use the panel and enter the details. It will connect the app with your phone.
  • Login: Login to hack Facebook. The login option is on the website.
  • Facebook Spy: For directly hacking Facebook, use this option.
  • Keylogger: To get the password, use this option.


If you want to hack Facebook in a discreet way, you can use these options.

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